World Water Day Protest at Chase Bank Over Line 3 Funding

On World Water Day, March 22nd, people met up in Lincoln Park to celebrate and to call out Chase Bank for funding tar sands oil which through Line 3 threatens the water source of Anishanaabe peoples in so called Minnesota and pollutes Lake Michigan, the drinking water for Chicagoans.

Attendees met in the park to hear some information about our how this gathering is being held in solidarity with water protectors fighting line 3. The action introduction was followed by a guitaritst playing some songs related to protecting water from pollution.

People caused a disruption in the bank and delivered a letter detailing the crisis of Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women (MMIR) is connected to oil pipeline construction and mancamps that are set up.

They were met by supporters that rallied outside the bank with banners and props and gave information to passersby.