Letter Writing Party: Flood Chase Board Member James Crown with Letters!

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When: Thursday, May 14th @ 7 p.m. 
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Image description: a collage postcard with the word “divest”, created out of separate cut out letters, and photos of beaches, forests flowers, and the world as seen from space

We made our voices heard on Stop the Money Pipeline Day of Action – let’s keep up the pressure until Chase Bank divests! Can you spend five minutes writing out a letter to Chicago-based Chase Bank board member James Crown telling him that Chase bank must divest from climate destabalizing fossil fuels?On the Zoom call, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about Chase and James Crown, and give you a sample letter template to use. If you can’t make the call, we’ll post a template here so you can still write one! *We will post the Zoom link here shortly!*

Wait, who is James Crown? James Crown is one of a few JP Morgan & Chase Bank boardmembers living right here in Chicago – given his leadership position, we need to urge him to protect our Great Lakes and stop the bank from funding fossil fuel projects. As part of a coalition of Great Lakes environmental groups, we delivered a letter to his office a year ago, and have been targeting other local boardmembers in regional solidarity with the growing national movement to get Chase Bank, and every institution, to divest from fossil fuels. Having received no meaningful response, we need to keep the pressure up, because time is running out to avoid the most catastrophic climate chaos.

Why Chase Bank? Chase Bank is the world’s worst funder of fossil fuels, pouring $268 Billion into the industry since 2016! In funding dangerous extractive projects like the Keystone XL, Dakota Access and Line 3 pipelines, the bank is also complicit in abusing Indigenous and human rights. As the largest US bank, when Chase divests, they will change the course of an entire sector – a reality we urgently need, especially as the fossil fuel industry proves itself to be economically and morally untennable.
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