Join us for a fundraiser sponsored by Democracy Burlesque

Last year our group received a small stipend of $500 from Rising Tide North America to target the corporations responsible for climate change. With that money we were able to:
  • Grow our group by 3 active members, and engage countless others in direct actions
  • Provide Solidarity and Direct Action guidance to downstate fracking activists
  • Articles in Aljazeera America and the Chicago Tribune showcasing our message of “Ban Fracking” and “No more climate destabilizing fossil fuels!”
  • Helped pack the Chicago regulatory meeting on Fracking
  • Hold regular movie nights, showing direct action-oriented films such as “Los Monstruos: the Pilsen coal plant struggle”
  • Bird-dog Governor Quinn with 4 direct actions
  • Establish a ‘Ban Fracking Chicago’ group after  ‘Chicagoland Against Fracking’ disbanded
  • Start the work of creating a coalition to ban fracking in Illinois
  • Several up-coming actions in solidarity with Global Climate Convergence and the labor movement in Chicago

And, well, we haven’t even spent all of the money yet.

The reality is that with growing network technology, a spirit of play, and a DIY ethic anyone can make the world a better place. We are pre-figuring the change we want to see -direct democracy, sharing over profits, green principles, and fun.

What will we do with the next $500?
Come join us on April 15th for our fundraiser, and find out more while enjoying Hamburger Mary’s and a sketch comedy put on by Democracy Burlesque!
Short details for event:
“I Melt With You” a Sketch Comedy by Democracy Burlesque, $15
Tuesday, April 15, 2014 at 7:30pm
MARY’S ATTIC, 5400 North Clark Street, Chicago (Andersonville)
You can pre-order tickets here:
Rising Tide Chicago Fundraiser