Home Demo at Illinois Commerce Commisioner’s Home for Approving DAPL Double

Members of Rising Tide Chicago and friends visited Illinois Commerce Commissioner and Chairperson Carrie Zalewski’s home on November 1st.

Zalewski and the other four ICC commisioners voted to approve the building of pump stations along the current Dakota Access Pipeline route which will allow Energy Transfer Partners to double the amount of oil flowing through the pipeline. In their approval they gave little no explanation of how they reached their decision

The pipeline has been contesting by the Standing Rock Sioux since before it was built as it threatens their water supply and their are current legal challenges regarding the construction of the pipeline.

Members of Rising Tide Chicago showed up at Zalewski’s house with mock pipeline that had the words “fossil fuels kill” on it, a banner that read, “Shut it Down, No Double DAPL. Protestors chanted outside of the house with a bullhorn and placed yard sigsn in Zalewski’s lawn that said, “Carrie Zalewski approved Genocide” and “Carrie Zalewski voted for Climate Change”